I’ve already distributed this assignment via class email, but here it is online as well. Your assignment is to critique two audio slideshows that inspire you. Your post must meet each of the following requirements to receive full credit:

  1. They must be relevant to your blog topic.
  2. They must have captions on all photos.
  3. Provide their titles. In the titles, link to them using inline links. Don’t just type the URL in your post. It’s unprofessional.
  4. Identify the people who created them. Include the name of their news organizations.
  5. Briefly describe and critique their content. How well do they synchronize sound with pictures? Is each image onscreen long enough for you to “read” the image? Or are they up for too short of a time? How well are the captions written? Use “Writing photo cutlines (aka captions).pdf” as your guide to good captions.
  6. Briefly explain the journalistic value in their content.
  7. Explain what you find inspiring about them.
  8. Ask your readers a question related to the content in one or more of the slideshows you identify.
  9. Assign categories and tags to your post.

Deadline: Post by 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24. Email link to your post mjf0009@auburn.edu

Example of the kind of slideshow I want you to write about:
The Girl in the Window: Danielle, 6, was rescued from unfathomable living conditions. Can the love and care of her adoptive family compensate for a lifetime of neglect? An audio slideshow by the Tampa Bay Tribune.

Some good places to find audio slideshows to critique:
New York Times Multimedia/Photos page online: The Times has wonderful examples of audio wedded to beautiful photography with excellent captions. But be careful what you pick here; lots of simple slideshows with just photos and captions live here. For this assignment, please remember that you must critique slideshows that have audio tracks as well as captions for each photo. A Google advanced search can help you find that.*

National Geographic: I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again: This is the gold standard for technically excellent and vibrant photography.

Online News Association Social Shares: Top Audio/Photo Slideshows:  It’s only appropriate to tap the wisdom of a very wise ONA crowd to locate the best multimedia journalism content online. If you go here, for this assignment, be sure to pick a photo slideshow. Do not pick video to write about; video will be the subject of your third mandatory critique blog post.

Jedi search tip for finding audio slideshows: You can also do the following search in Google to narrow the search results to nothing but audio slideshows on a given site by searching for the exact phrase “audio slideshow” and the word “site” followed by a colon and a url. Example of what to type in the Google search window: “audio slideshow” site:www.nytimes.com