Assignment: Blog about three photo slideshows that inspire you. We’re just interested in slideshows or galleries that have photos and captions, but not audio. We’ll save the audio slideshows for your next mandatory critique post. Your post must meet each of the following requirements to receive full credit:

  1. They must be relevant to your blog topic. The idea of this assignment is to point you toward good examples for you to emulate in your own work as you develop an online audience.
  2. Provide their titles.
  3. Identify the people who created them. Include the name of their news organizations.
  4. Briefly describe their content.
  5. Briefly explain what you think is the journalistic value in their content.
  6. Link to them.
  7. Explain what you find inspiring about them.
  8. Ask your readers a question related to the content in one or more of the slideshows you identify. Why? To get you in the habit of talking with your readers, which is a critical part of Web 2.0.
  9. Assign categories and tags to your post.

Example of the kind of slideshow I want you to write about:
Pictures of Typhoon Haiyan: The New York Times compiled several captioned slideshows on the devastation the Philippines felt from the strongest storm ever to make landfall.

Good sources of photo slideshows:
New York Times Multimedia/Photos page online: You’ll find a mix of still photo galleries with caption, audio slideshows and video and interactive graphics here. For this assignment, limit your choices to slideshows without audio.

Online News Association Social Shares: Top Audio/Photo Slideshows Chosen by ONA’s Community
Note: This has a mix of video and photo. Pick photo. Do not pick video to write about.

National Geographic: Take heed: This is the gold standard for journalistic and documentary photography.

Sports Illustrated Slide Shows: For the more athletically minded aspiring visual journalist.

Deadline: Post by 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 1. Email your link to
Note: This was assigned during the third week of class.