This was originally assigned in January via a class handout.

Blog about three photo slideshows that inspire you. Your post must meet each of the following requirements to receive full credit:

  1. They must be relevant to your topic.
  2. Provide their titles.
  3. Identify the people who created them. Include the name of their news organizations.
  4. Briefly describe their content.
  5. Briefly explain what you think is the journalistic value in their content.
  6. Link to them.
  7. Explain what you find inspiring about them.
  8. Ask your readers a question related to the content in one or more of the slideshows you identify.
  9. Assign categories and tags to your post.

Example of the kind of slideshow I want you to write about:

Good sources of photo slideshows

New York Times Multimedia/Photos page online

Online News Association Social Shares
Top Audio/Photo Slideshows Chosen by ONA’s Community
Note: This has a mix of video and photo. Pick photo. Do not pick video to write about; video is for another mandatory blog post.

National Geographic Photography
For my money, this is the gold standard for journalistic and documentary photography.

Sports Illustrated Slide Show

Post by 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 1. Email your link to