Assignment is worth 10 percent of course grade.

You will create an audio story and sync it with the 40 photos you shot for your photo gallery assignment. Use Audacity to mix the audio story. Use Soundslides to sync sound and pictures.

The audio story must use at least two of the following four kinds of sound: narration, soundbites, natural sound, music.

You will clear the topic in advance with the instructor. It’s fine with me if you want to switch subjects from the first project, though that could be more work for you.


  1. In Soundslides, complete your slideshow and export it by using the EXPORT button. This creates a folder called publish_to_web that contains everything necessary for an online viewer to look at/hear your audio slideshow.
  2. Upload the contents of the entire publish_to_web to Google Drive. For directions, click through the galleries at the post “Using Google Drive as a Web Host.” Be extra careful with this step. You must upload the folder, not just the files inside the folder. You have to slow down a bit and hover your cursor over the red “upload” button in Drive; if you do, you’ll see two options: file or folder. Folder is what you want.
  3. Write a blog post that explains the content of your story, including the title (this is the headline you gave it in Soundslides) and link to the index.html link inside the publish_to_web folder, which you uploaded in Step 2 above. Embed the link into the title of your slideshow in the blog post.
  4. Email the link to me at Deadline is 9 p.m. the Thursday after spring break, March 20, 2014.