I am delighted to see the first review of my book, Yankee Reporters and Southern Secrets, came out last week. William E. Huntzicker wrote this for Journalism History:

“Fuhlhage delivers a comprehensive look not only at Northern newspaper coverage, but also at how often articles were reprinted through apparent exchange arrangements with other newspapers….

“He has done an admirable job of looking at evidence, such as the clippings they saved with their papers and their written responses to news coverage. Historians have widely reported on how generals used their public relations skills to court favorable coverage and followed their image in the press, but Fuhlhage has opened new avenues for exploring the use of news. …

“Fuhlhage here presents a disciplined, focused academic approach to the use of news in making military decisions, while noting the legacies relevant to the continuing use of intelligence in the war on terror.”

Find Yankee Reporters and Southern Secrets in a library here: https://www.worldcat.org/title/yankee-reporters-and-southern-secrets-journalism-open-source-intelligence-and-the-coming-of-the-civil-war/oclc/1089275147&referer=brief_results

Or buy it here: https://www.peterlang.com/view/title/66470