Today’s thunderstorms inundated my neighborhood at 1915 Martin Road just above 9 Mile in Ferndale, Michigan.

Here’s a little taste of what I can see from my porch and on foot around the neighborhood. It doesn’t include nearly a foot of water in my basement that had accumulated to the time I shot these photos. The basement filled with 40 inches of storm and sanitary sewer water, including raw sewage. I got a tetanus shot as a precaution.

Damage assessment: Progressive Insurance would not cover the loss as “sewer backup is specifically excluded.” Washer and dryer contaminated. Water heater, furnace and air conditioner knocked out of commission. Living conditions became unsafe for one living with allergies. ***UPDATE*** Black mold crawled up the walls over the next five weeks, and though the place had a full bathroom downstairs, you would NOT want to risk respiratory illness by going down in the basement long enough to use it. It would not surprise me if they had to rip out all the drywall since that’s what the contractor hired by my landlord said would have to be done to restore it to the way it was before the flood.

Yes, I did get my hand in a couple of them. Had to do that to protect the lens. Poor little Lumix doesn’t have a hood.

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